Picture 2 Information Glostershire Names 56 Cheltenham Rd Bishops Cleeve See Chart 20 Sheep Market Picture Florence Ethel Picture 2 List of Names Home See Chart 13 See Chart 12 See Chart 11 Herbert George b-03/1899 m- Agnis Robinson Minnie b-28/06/1897 Freda b-1924 m-Harrold Coats Florence Ethel b-19/01/1885 (Not Married) Died in Flu Epidemic... Allan John b-08/11/1888 m-Rita Tom b-25/03/1895 d-05/02/1989 Leonard Henry b-08/11/1891 m-Lillian See Chart  8 Lived 26 Stratton Road. Buried with daughter Ethel at Bishops... Winnifred Dora b-18/12/1893 (Not Married) Son Billy Stroud Florence Elizabeth Lane (Farmer) b - Hasfield 1864 d-28/12/1948 Thomas b-12/02/1850 Killed-24/10/1894 (Farmer) Picture 2 Picture 2