Picture 2010 Children Jededian Roberts 09/09/2004 Ava Roberts 25/03/2002 Boys family/famltree 1929 Picture 3 Baby family/famltree 1929 Old Farm Picture 2 Thomas Heller b-31/12/1981 m 22/08/2010 Andrea Bryden Chaleen Heller b-09/04/1979 + Paul Murray Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 2 Bournmouth Bournmouth Picture 2 Picture 2 family/famltree Picture 2001 Picture 1 Selling Farm School Picture Picture in Australia 2 School Picture Picture John Bob Marge Picture in Australia 1 Picture at Dowdswell (Buried Dowdswell Church stone opposite door) List of Names Home Born in Bishops Cleeve (Uncle Allans House Stoke Road) Married Angela Caves 27/06/1968 Kimberly Caves  27/01/1972 See Chart 4 Alfie the dog b-31/07/1999 See Chart 5 See Chart 7 M-16/04/1998 Tracie Cotter Brodie  b-04/02/1999 See Chart 3 Married  Linda Barnes Haley b-14/03/1990 Gabrille b- 16/08/1993 Married-28/10/1989 Kerry Harre Elizabeth... M-?  Sharron Brooke Brandon  b-13/05/1994 Brooke b-27/08/1997 Married-06/07/1980 Allison Trinder   Jirh Peter... Married Julie Mills Glen b-22/08/1965 John b-01/09/1963 Gregory b-06/01/1961 Steven b-06/01/1956 Sue b-08/05/1961 Mike b-29/12/1963 (Building Manager) Married Irmajean 24/05/1986 Married Shirley Tumeth Married 21/12/1951 Neville Fishenden (Transport) Maried Charles(Tom)Thomas on 06/09/1947 d-31/07/1982 Married Kerry Sam  b-14/11/1986 Andrew  b-19/12/1989 Emily... Married Kim (in Finchley England... Married 19/01/74  Lesley Hallows b-19/01/1954 (School... Married  Blanch Jeffery 17/04/65 James b-11/07/1968 Jeffery b-29/03/1975 Peter b-30/06/1958 Alan b-31/12/1953 (Partner) Linda b-21/03/1948 Sally b-24/10/1956 Martyn b-20/03/1951 Phillip b-26/07/1955 (Teacher) Paul John b-07/02/1952 (Project Manager Born at Elgin) Carole Jane b-20/04/1956 (Occupational Therapist) Married Roy... Married 31/07/1948 Nina Peggy Newcombe b-11/07/1922 Married  7/08/1948  Jessica Tanswell Elizabeth Mary (Betty) b-03/08/1931 d-04/01/2002 John Thomas  b-12/03/1925 (Engineer) Gerald Anthony b-09/04/1944 (Quality Manager) Tom Sydney b-10/02/1941 d-31/08/1943