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The Tanswell family originated from Shrewsbury. Amy Tanswell's family originated from the manufacture of guns in Birmingham and immigrants who moved over from Ireland during the 1840 potatoe famine.

John Roberts married Jessica Tanswell in 1948.  Tanswell History.  On leaving the Navy in 1956 John joined the National Gas Turbine Establishment at Farnborough where the family of son Paul and daughter Carole lived on the Pyestock Estate.  First at 9 Melrose Avenue and then 12 Conway Drive.  John and Jessey moved to Fleet in 1968 where they live to day.

In 1974 Paul married Lesley Hallows.  They rented accommodation at Farnborough for one year and then moved to the Hale North of Farnham.  They lived for Ten Years at Bricksbury Cottage
(Now demolished) where they had their four children. Then moved to 7 Newmans Court until in November 1997 moving to their present house.  Paul started work for the Ministry of Defence in 1968.  In 1990 joined Thorn EMI at Feltham.  I came into the house hold in August 1999 and have since then been the number one top dog.

Of the Surman's on the Roberts side there is probable a wealth of information readily available.
From Gertrude's family some local history is available. They were extensively farmers based in the Coombe Hill area north of Cheltenham. The Surmans' give an impression of a very friendly and close family.

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