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The Hallows family of which I am an associate member has probably originated from Derbyshire.  The spelling of Hallows differs as it is more commonly spelt Hallowes.  The first positive record is of Charles Hallows born in 1836.  The Hallows family moved into the London area at Streatham.(Map)  From Streatham there is an association with Charles Hallows at Woolwich which is where he later moved. (Map)  However no further connection is known to date.

Charles was in the East Indian Trading Company  and stationed to India where he met Louisa Cox.   Cox was a fairly common name in India at the time.  They had a son in 1858 Edward Hallows.  Edward married Sarah Mathews whose family were in the catering trade.  Sarah died and a year later Edward married Olive Rhoades.

The Rhoades family originated in Lincolnshire.  Quite a lot of the history is known.  The family possibly made their wealth from farming.

Richard John Hallows met Isabel Louise Saul in 1936 at the Club Teddington in Middlesex.  They were engaged on 10 December 1937.  They were married one year later, 10 December 1938 at St Mary's Twickenham, by the reverend Schofield.  The best man was Leslie Ayres.   

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